Abiola's son, Abdul Mumuni, slams brother, Kola, claims he dated IBB's daughter while father was in jail

Abdul Mumuni

Abdul Mumuni, the son of the late MKO Abiola, has made a scathing attack on his elder brother Kola, stating that he is "unfit to rule Nigeria." 
This comes amidst claims that Kola was involved in a romantic relationship with the daughter of former Nigerian head of state, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), while their father was in jail.

Abiola, a renowned Nigerian businessman, publisher, and politician, was the acclaimed winner of the 1993 presidential election. However, his victory was annulled by Babangida, leading to widespread protests and Abiola's imprisonment. Abiola died in military detention on July 7, 1998.

The controversy surrounding Abiola's election victory and subsequent imprisonment has continued to shape Nigerian politics, with many still seeking justice for the perceived injustice. 

Abdul Mumuni's comments are the latest development in this ongoing saga.

In a recent episode of the Mic On Podcast, according to a report of TheCable, Mumuni claimed Kola was dating IBB’s daughter while their dad was languishing in prison.

He also argued that his elder brother failed to sustain Abiola’s political legacy and unite the family.

“I blame him for how Abiola’s legacy turns out because he was in a pivotal position after the crisis. He could have been a strong voice of true democratic value but he chose not to,” he said.

“Apparently, at the time my father was still in jail, he was having a relationship with Babangida’s daughter. It’s sad, but I am a little pleased that my father didn’t come out to see what his first son has turned out to become.”

Like Abiola, Kola contested for the presidency under the Peoples Redemption Party in the 2023 elections.

Speaking further, Mumuni said he did not back Kola’s presidential ambition because he believed he “is not fit to rule Nigeria”.

“I’m unhappy with him, even Nigerians are unhappy. We saw how many people voted for him when he campaigned for the presidency,” he added.

“I wondered how he thought he could be president when he could not manage Abiola’s empire. How do you want to manage Nigeria? How does that work?”
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