Biden acknowledges debate struggles, vows to speak truth to voters

Biden (r) during the debate with Trump

President Joe Biden acknowledged the concerns raised about his debate performance, but insisted that he remains fit to serve a second term. 
Despite his verbal stumbles and sometimes rambling answers, Biden asserted that he will continue to speak the truth to voters.

Biden's lackluster showing in the debate against former President Donald Trump had triggered worries among Democrats about his viability as a candidate. Some fellow party members even questioned whether Biden should be replaced as the nominee. 

However, the Untied States president pushed back against these criticisms, stating that while he may not always debate or speak smoothly, his commitment to honesty and his vision for the country are what truly matter. 

The president's debate struggles had provided ample opportunities for Trump to mock his opponent's coherence. But Biden maintained that his focus remains on addressing the nation's challenges, rather than political theatrics. 

As the campaign moves forward, Biden pledged to continue connecting with voters and laying out his agenda, despite the concerns raised about his performance. 

"The American people deserve a leader who will fight for them, not one who puts on a show," he said. "That's the kind of president I aim to be." 

Biden spoke on the heels of his feeble performance in Thursday’s (June 27, 2024) presidential debate with Donald Trump, his predecessor.

Defending himself at a rally on Friday, the US president acknowledged that age has affected his fluency but insisted that he “could do the job”.

“I don’t walk as easily as I used to, I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to, and I don’t debate as well as I used to, but I know what I do know is how to tell the truth,” the 81-year-old told a cheering crowd, chanting “Four more years”.

“I know right from wrong, and I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done, and I know, like millions of Americans know, — when you get knocked down, you get back up.

“I would not be running again if I didn’t believe with all my heart and soul that I could do this job. The stakes are too high.”

Questions about Trump’s fitness for office have also arisen over his conviction last month in New York for covering up hush money payments to a porn star, his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, and his chaotic term in office.
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