Ojude Oba Festival: Globacom highlights the unifying Power of cultural celebrations

Telecommunications giant, Globacom, has emphasized the immense potential of Ojude Oba and similar festivals across Nigeria to promote cultural diversity, national identity, and social harmony. 

In a goodwill message delivered at this year's Ojude Oba festival in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State, the Chairman of Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga Jr., underscored the significance of these age-old celebrations in fostering cultural exchange and showcasing Nigeria's rich heritage to the world.

Globacom's message underlines the crucial role that cultural festivals like Ojude Oba play in preserving and celebrating the diverse tapestry of Nigeria's heritage. These events not only provide a platform for communities to showcase their unique traditions and customs but also serve as a means of transmitting cultural knowledge and values to younger generations. 

By embracing and supporting thefestivals, Globacom recognizes the importance of maintaining Nigeria's cultural identity in the face of globalization.

Dr Adenuga observed that the theme of this year's celebration, UNITY AND HARMONY IN IJEBULAND: THE GIFT OF OJUDE OBA, emphasised the values that the festival had espoused for over a century that it has been in existence. 

He added that the festivals also had potential to boost tourism and help in the diversification of the economy, which was why the Federal Government and many governments across the globe have placed tourism on top of their development agenda. 

Dr. Adenuga pointed out that Globacom has kept its partnerships with the nation's largest festivals to solidify and establish them as premier events that would draw even more visitors to Nigeria from around the globe. He further stated that Globacom and the sons and daughters of Ijebuland, both at home and in the Diaspora would greatly benefit from the partnership with the Ojude Oba Planning Committee.

One of the star activities of the Globacom-sponsored festival was the Regberegbe competition among the different age groups in Ijebuland. Egbe Bobasete Okunrin Omooba came first; Egbe Bobagunte Okunrin Akile Ijebu second and Egbe Bobamayegun Okunrin Asiwaju came third.

In the female category, Egbe Bobagunwa Obinrin Omooba was adjudged the best dressed with Egbe Bobagunwa Obinrin Asiwaju and Egbe Arobayo Obinrin Akile Ijebu coming second and third respectively.
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