Senator Ned Nwoko proposes creation of Anioma State ‘to balance South East representation in Nigeria’

Ned Nwoko

Senator Ned Nwoko has proposed the creation of a new state in the South East region of Nigeria, which he has named "Anioma State." According to him, this move aims to address the longstanding imbalance in the geopolitical distribution of states in Nigeria.

Senator Nwoko highlighted that the South East currently has only five states, unlike other zones, except for the North-West, which has seven states. This disparity, he noted, results in an imbalance of representation and resources, with the South East having only 15 lawmakers compared to the 18 lawmakers of other zones in the senate.

Going by his proposal, the "Anioma State" when created, would be partly or fully formed from nine local government areas in present Delta State. The key question therefore, is how these local government areas in South-South would be reorganized to form a new state in the east?

Some Netizens, while reacting to Nwoke’s proposal, which he claims seeks to redress the imbalance in the representation of the South East in Nigeria, and ensuring that the region has a more equitable share of representation and resources, are thus of the view that it should be taken with a pinch of salt.
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