Wahala! Wahala!! Wahala!!!: Actress Chinwe Splendor's certificate demanded back by university over sex-for-marks claims

Actress Chinwe Splendor has been asked by her alma mater to return her certificate after she revealed in a recent interview that she had slept with lecturers in exchange for good grades while in school. 

In a video post on Instagram, Splendor expressed her frustration and questioned the fairness of the demand, stating that she worked hard for the certificate and many of her course mates should also return theirs, if the university's stance is consistent.

“The university I attended sent me an email to return my certificate within 48 hours. I want to ask, ‘is this right’? That certificate, I worked hard for it, so why should I return it? They sent me an email to return the certificate I worked so hard for. If that is case, I know many of my coursemates that should return their certificates as well. I am going through a lot,” Splendor said in the video post on Instagram.

She had earlier shared her story on the YouTube channel 'Yan Konnect Factory', where she explained that while in school, she had to resort to unconventional means to make ends meet and ensure good grades. She revealed that she missed classes and instead focused on securing grades by sleeping with her lecturers. Despite not attending lectures in a particular year, she managed to achieve good grades in all her courses, she had said.

The actress expressed her distress over the situation, saying she was going through a lot and feels that the university's current demand is unfair. She is now seeking answers from the institution regarding the legitimacy of the request and whether it is a precedent for all students who may have engaged in similar practices.

Meanwhile, some of the people who commented on her post seemed to agree with the institution’s call for her to return the certificate.

One Ihenenancy wrote, “You talk too much for a lady. It is obvious you didn’t go to school, so return it (certificate) with immediate effect. Common sense is far from you.”

Chipsys_oven commented, “Yes, please return it, and the school should investigate lecturers who sleep with students in exchange for good grades.”
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