"Nigeria was morally and materially vandalized...!"-PMB

President Muahmmadu Buhari
Without a doubt, that's what has happened to our country. The vandalization got to a freaking climax in the past six years. Years of the locust, if I may.

To fix this broken nation, we've got to take the elephant out of the room: Corruption. I know those who hate the word and I know they know I know. Those who were benefiting from corruption or proceeds of corruption are the ones most vociferously calling on the FG to "open up" the economy. Open it for what? Ndi oshi! Thieves!!!

Meanwhile, Abuja's got to be made more and more less attractive. Not many submitted their CVs for Ministerial appointments. Not so? Even those appointed Ministers are surely wondering what the heck is going down. Ministers without portfolio! LWKMD. And government is running perfectly without let or hindrance. Init?

And so we begin the journey to demystify FG appointments, Abuja and Aso Rock Villa and start building the structures for a SOLID Nigeria. I see Nigeria going gradually into reset mode, regardless of what the naysayers may say.

Soon all the governors who are not seeing how Nasir el-Rufai is redefining leadership in Kaduna will have themselves to blame. Now, let me see how the youths will not storm the various Government Houses, some of which are running like bars and brothels.

By the time PMB is done, people will think twice to seek elective offices and political appointments. Conversely, visionary and intelligent young people, who have always dreamed good dreams will take over the local governments, states and the National Assembly. By the time being a member of an otherwise juicy committee no longer guarantees instant wealth for Senators and Reps, many of those idling away our time at the NASS will go back to their stock in trade. *wink*wink.

I'm glad I supported CHANGE. Change has started in Abuja. And I'll continue to support the CHANGE AGENDA unlike its perilous predecessor, the transformation agenda. Oh that fraud!!!

There's always pain and blood, it is said, before a child is born, and after that joy cometh. We must be willing to bear the current pains and the seeming loss of blood so as to be part of the joy that's about to come. I'm incurably optimistic.

Happy Sunday, tout le monde!
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