BBNaija S6: After intense search for Nini, housemates move her things to the storeroom

Cross looking for Nini inside the ceiling

By Rose Moses

The search for Nini is intensely on, this time by not just Saga, but all the remaining housemates.

They searched under the carpets, under every bed in the house, under the dinning table, inside the kitchen cabinets, inside the ceiling, even under the head of house bed, bathroom, chairs, tables, any and every place in that house…executive lounge, diary room, store room….Cross even attempted lifting the slabs holding the Jacuzzi to look for her underneath it. 

But for the fact the pool of water has been cleared, they would perhaps have dived under the Jacuzzi looking for Nini. 

They also went under the tennis, snooker boards.

In fact, if you are familiar with the Big Brother house, these housemates ransacked everywhere looking for Nini…even inside the fridge.

The only place they didn’t search for her was the White Secret room upstairs, where Nini, who is apparently tired of the prank, and actually monitoring them from a tv screen there, was urging and screaming at them (but actually screaming to herself as they couldn’t hear her) to check. 

She wanted them to just come get her there.

At the end of their search, they went to the locker room to pack her belongings to the store room, apparently as advised by Big Brother, if it turned out they couldn’t find her.

To this housemates, perhaps except Saga, what started as a joke last night has taken a different but serious dimension and none of them is smiling anymore. In fact, tempers are flaring up.

Few more hours to go……
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