BBNaija S6: Saga is smiling again as Nini returns to the house

….And Angel came to see that indeed, Nini was back

By Rose Moses

Ever since Maria and Pere’s saga, combined with the incident of Pere bullying WhiteMoney in the house, which he actually denied, I haven’t been too sure of where to place Pere. 

I also searched for the real military traits in him and it hadn’t been too glaring, although I’ve seen some bits of the nursing part of him.

But on this Nini-Big Brother prank on the whole house, I give it to Pere. His theories made more sense, although Saga’s heavy heart prevented him from clearly voicing the same opinion he also claimed to have nurtured. 

While I commend the whole house for the level of concern and worries over the incident, I give more credit to Pere and to a large extent, Angel as those who mostly shared with Saga, the emotional trauma that hit him so hard (let’s forget for now the wisdom or otherwise of that route he travelled).

And you know what, even as Saga was able to will himself to sleep last night, it was Pere who still couldn’t. He kept watch all night.

And indeed, it was Pere who saw Nini walk into the house in the wee hours of this morning and proceeded to wake Saga to that ‘miracle.’ Now, Saga is smiling again in the house.

And as I suspected, and as actually appears to be the best script to sell of the whole drama, Nini, who’s been monitoring everything going on in the house via a tv screen in the room she was being kept by Big Brother while the drama lasted, is surprised that the rest of the housemates are in shock as a result of the incident of the past 24-hrs. 

“I didn’t go anywhere, I have been here, why are you guys acting weird,” she asked the surprised housemates awakened by her ‘surprised’ return to the house. 

She is telling them, except Liquorose and Cross sleeping in the Executive Lounge and unaware of the development at the time of writing, that she’s been around and on her bed and participated in all the tasks, and even reported to the diary room when Big Brother called her.

And yo, Nini was with them all through. Or wasn’t she? 

What a nice script by Big Brother!

Anyway, eviction is Sunday night and practically all of them, including Nini, Saga, Pere, Angel, Queen and WhiteMoney are up for eviction.

Who will survive among them? Stay tuned to the program.

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