Domestic Violence: Another angle to Aondona’s story as wife’s battered face resurfaces

Battered faces of husband and wife

Apparently, and truly too, it may not always be the first person in a fight that heads to the police station that wins the case. 

So, while many have been expressing shock and alarm at a photo of a man who’s face was allegedly disfigured by his wife, another version of what may  have transpired between the couple is emerging, or rather, unfolding. 

And that is the ‘unveiling’ of an all stitched up and battered face of the wife, said to be so deconstructed by the husband, who had earlier claimed to be a victim of domestic violence.

Earlier, Newsmart carried a story on how a former female federal lawmaker that represented Jechira Federal Constituency in Benue State between 2003 and 2007, Hon. Sharon Aondona Dabo, allegedly beat her husband to a pulp, Wednesday evening, leaving him with severe head and face injuries.

This incident was said to be coming few days after the husband, Mr. David Fiase Aondona, allegedly made a post on his Facebook page on threat to his life while asking the public to hold his wife responsible should anything happen to him.

He had accused the wife of trying to kill him with domestic violence.

Well, and as earlier said, and going by new photos surfacing, the scenario may as well be a true representation of the saying that it is not the person that first calls the police that wins a case.

That is not saying though that we know for sure which face of the story is true.

In a new picture circulating, however, Hon. Sharon Aondona Dabo’s (ie, the wife) is all bruised and stitched up with her beautiful face now disfigured and a shadow of its past look.

Insinuation so far, since we are yet to contact the duo, is that the woman may have been a victim of domestic violence, for long, and in this particular instance, may have decided to fight back, possibly with any available weapon she could lay her hand on while the husband was at it…..The result of which is the magnitude of injuries inflicted on the husband as well…. and the wife too

We will be bringing you details as the story unfolds

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