At over 50, Ben Akabueze’s wife gives birth to a baby


The bundle of joy 

There is indeed, nothing impossible with God. And that’s why you should never ever give up on your dreams as long as you have faith in God.

Mr. Ben Akabueze, a chartered accountant and Director General of the Budget office for the Federal Republic of Nigeria; former CEO of NAL Bank Plc (now Sterling Bank Plc) and two terms Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget with the Lagos State Government, and who is also a servant of the Lord’s vineyard, can tell you better of this wonderful work of God.

Here, he shares a testimony of the marvelous work of God on his family as his wife, who’s over 50 years old, took delivery of a baby she bore the pregnancy to full term in good health through out the period.

Read his testimony and song of praise as posted on his Facebook page:

I bless the name of the Lord for His blessing to my family in the gift of our son, Kachiside! No sorrow shall ever be added to this blessing to my family. However, I believe this blessing is not just for my family. My wife is in the second half of 50s in age. Yet she bore this pregnancy to full term, without even one morning of sickness! This should serve as encouragement to someone who may have given up hope, or is on the verge of doing so, on account of age. God's promises for such a one will yet come to pass, if they hold on to and act on His word!
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