BBNaija’s Level Up: Sights and sounds of Diana’s diary sessions

Diana during one of her diary sessions 

One of the three housemates that left the Big Brother house last night, Sunday, September 4, 2022, was Diana. The other two are Giddyfia and fake housemate Deji.

Left to me, I would still want Diana to stay a little longer in that house, at least because of the fun she provides, without even knowing it. 

For one, she’s one of the very few housemates on the television reality show that is very real; innocently funny with her dealing in the house and her accent, which all of us have but hers due to her French upbringing. But there are rules guiding the show, my wishes notwithstanding.

Diana, no doubt, is a clean babe (not necessarily her color which I have a different view on). She’s classy, genuinely respectful of other housemates and so mature in her dealing with them. Above all, she’s a no nonsense and firm lady that always tries to mind her business whenever necessary.

And I will not agree with those that say all of these attributes are because she’s about the oldest in the house since all of them in that house are adults. 

Rather, Diana is all of those and more because of who she actually is and possibly because of her upbringing. Period!

And because her diary sessions tend to be da bomb, in a very different way, though, her exit from the house last night obviously takes away some comic relieve from the show, again in a very different way. 

Diana in the diary room really cracks one up, you would agree. She comes up very straight, honest, says it exactly as she sees it, again in her special language and way of expression that you can’t help but laugh your heart out some time…like when she asked Big Brother if he could go to the market and get the house some salt as they at the time had ran out of the item. And you know how important….and on the flip side, dangerous, salt can be to our lives. Or don’t you? (tongue out).

Anyways, below is a sample of how her diary sessions usually sound. I believe those who follow the show for the fun of it will surely miss her, going forward:. 

BB (Big Brother): How are you feeling today? 

Diana: I'm very happy. I have survived eviction. I'm on my way to winning. I can confirm that.

BB: Who did you nominate and why? 

Diana: If I remember properly, I nominated Chichi and Deji. With Chichi, I have forgiven her but what she did to me is very painful and I'm still in pain so wanted to pay Chichi back. Same with Deji. They have apologized but I had to teach them a lesson. 

BB: How do you think the special nomination process will affect your game moving forward? 

Diana: I don't understand why you did that. Amaka was very loving. I know she will come back to the programme. I don't believe that she left. Everyone love Amaka so who will nominate her

BB: Do you think the house made the best decision by evicting Amaka and why? 

Diana: I'm so confused. Everyone shouted and I was wondering who nominated her. I'm still shocked. I wanna know those who nominated her. 

BB: The house has a new HOH. What are your thoughts on the game and Dotun? 

Diana: I'm disappointed in myself. Congratulations to him.

Dotun has changed totally. He is not smiling ☺ and he is squeezing his face always. He said the HOH job is very stressful that's why he is not always in a playful mode. 

I can't wait to also win the HOH. The world will hear of me ruling. 

BB: Tell Big Brother how the house are preparing for the wager presentation 

Diana: I'm now comfortable with the Topic. At first I did not understand so I asked them to explain. We have been working on something you will like. You will laugh big brother. Everybody is involved. We all wanna win so we don't die of hunger. 

Since our new HOH is not our mate and is bent on winning, we will surprise you. Just prepare. 

BB: What is your thought on how HM behave during sponsored task? 

Diana: Everyone wanna win. We are our own enemies. Teams formed always do things to sabotage other teams so they can win. I don't know how to explain but next time don't let us be our judges. If you had been the judge, the nonsense that happened won't happen. Don't do that again. 

BB: Anything 

Diana: Thank you for everything. I hope to be more involved so I can make you proud. I love you Big Brother.
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