A new book, ‘The Conversation,’ addresses family issues

StepCraft Books, the publishing arm of StepCraft Nigeria Limited, has unveiled a new book targeted at addressing common issues in family and marital relationship. The conversational master piece is authored by a renowned financial journalist and writer, Oludare Mayowa.

The book, the fourth by the author, explores his proficiency in writing to address major issues afflicting homes and families and how he offers practicable solutions to many of the challenges.

Unlike his previous books, the author explores a conversational method to examine issues that often cause problems among couples and skillfully leads the readers to in-depth action points to manage such issues.

In his review of the book, the Chief Executive Officer of GSK Consumer Plc, Kunle Oyelana, described the book as "practical," "insightful," "interesting," and "life-transforming."

"The author has written an easy-to-read masterpiece on the key issues affecting the home and how to navigate a number of obstacles that may arise."

"The life lessons in the various conversations in this book are invaluable to all."

Also, the Rev. Dele Abegunde, a lawyer and District Overseer of Foursquare Magodo, said, "This book of twelve chapters could actually stand alone as twelve short counseling books.

"Each chapter could stand on its own. This was the allure of the book. You finish one chapter and you look at the heading of the next one, and you just want to go on and on, desirous to know how the next one would end."

He said; “The language runs in seamless conversational prose with some poetic anecdotes provided when the conversations become heated in each situation. The lessons to be learnt are ageless as he laid them out in each chapter.”

According to the author, Oludare Mayowa, the book is his first experiment in using the gift of conversation to engage his readers in free-flowing topics on the basic essentials of life, particularly relationships in the home, and to simplify what ordinarily looks like a mountain of problems among couples.

"My experience in writing this book has also changed my perspectives on many issues addressed in the book and helped to refocus my thoughts on the possibilities of sustaining a good home if couples could diligently work at it,” the author said.
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