‘My cherished queen, my love for you knows no bounds’, Beyoncé pays tribute to Tina Turner

Moment the two musicians held hands and bowed together at the 2008 Grammy Awards, after delivering a mesmerizing performance of Turner’s renowned track, “Proud Mary.”

In the wake of Tina Turner’s passing at the age of 83, Beyoncé, the 41-year-old singer, has shared a heartfelt tribute to the legendary artist on her official website.

“My cherished queen, my love for you knows no bounds,” Beyoncé’s message began. “I am profoundly grateful for your inspiration and the remarkable paths you have paved.”

“You embody strength and resilience,” she continued. “You are the epitome of power and passion. We are all incredibly fortunate to have witnessed your kindness and beautiful spirit, which will endure eternally. Thank you for everything you have accomplished.”

Accompanying the message was a photograph capturing the moment when the two musicians held hands and bowed together at the 2008 Grammy Awards, where they delivered a mesmerizing performance of Turner’s renowned track, “Proud Mary.”

Before their collaboration, Turner had performed her 80s classic, “What’s Love Got To Do With It,” and then delighted the audience by announcing, “I’d like to bring out Miss Beyoncé. She and I will sing ‘Proud Mary.'”

In a recently surfaced video on a Beyoncé fan account on Twitter, the footage shows Beyoncé meeting Turner to rehearse their Grammy performance. Overflowing with excitement, Beyoncé enthusiastically rushes over to Turner, embracing her tightly in the clip. At the time, she shared her admiration for Turner and her influence, saying, “When I was a kid and I saw her tapes, I wanted to be like her. This is literally a dream come true for me because she’s the ultimate. To actually share the stage with her is unbelievable.”

This is not the first time the mother of three expressed her admiration for Turner. During a tribute performance for the icon in 2005, as Turner received the Kennedy Center Honor from President George W. Bush, Beyoncé openly praised her, saying, “I’ll never forget the first time I saw you perform. I had never witnessed a woman so powerful, so fearless, so fabulous—and those legs!”

Beyoncé joins a multitude of famous faces who have paid tribute to Tina Turner’s life and legacy since her passing at the age of 83. Oprah Winfrey, Diana Ross, Elton John, Martha Stewart, and Mariah Carey are among those who have publicly remembered Turner and her extraordinary career.

On Instagram, Mariah Carey shared her thoughts, stating, “The words legendary, iconic, diva, and superstar are often overused, yet Tina Turner embodies them all and so much more—an incredible performer, musician, and trailblazer. To me, she will always be a survivor and an inspiration to women everywhere. Her music will continue to inspire future generations. Rest in Peace, Queen ❤️.”

The beloved singer passed away at her residence near Zurich in Switzerland after a prolonged illness, as announced by her team on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

“Through her music and her limitless zest for life, she captivated millions of fans worldwide and inspired the stars of tomorrow,” a post shared on Turner’s Instagram conveyed. “Today, we bid farewell to a dear friend who leaves behind her greatest legacy: her music. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family. Tina, we will miss you dearly.”
~Via Guardian 
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