Reality Star Doyin David reveals reasons for distancing herself from CeeC on Podcast

Doyin and CeeC (l)

In a recent episode of her podcast, 'Doyin's Corner', reality star Doyin David discussed the reasons behind her distancing herself from her colleague, CeeC. 

The tension between the two began when CeeC accused Doyin of refusing to pair with her on a project, which led to the loss of a job worth millions

Doyin explained that her friendship with CeeC soured after the All Stars show. She stated that CeeC brought up the conversation of not joining forces with her to 'beef' Alex in the house, despite having already discussed the matter in the house

The podcast episode allowed Doyin to address the issue, as she revealed, "We stopped talking because she was bringing certain things that we already spoke about in the house. I distanced myself from CeeC after she kept bugging me with issues about Alex Unusual and how I'm supporting her."

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