Grill-A-Thon: Nigerian accountant to grill for 82 hours, plans to break Guinness World Record

Akinsowon Faderera Edwin 

This weekend, Eric Kayser Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos, will host a remarkable event as Akinsowon Faderera Edwin, an accountant and chef, attempts to break the Guinness World Record for the longest Grill-A-Thon Barbecue. 

Edwin will grill for an astonishing 82 hours to put his 48-year-old home state of Ondo on the global map, if successful.

Born to retired civil servants, Edwin's passion for cooking and his determination to achieve this remarkable feat have led him to this momentous occasion. 

The event will take place at Eric Kayser Restaurant, located at Bishop Aboyade Cole Str., Bendel Close, Victoria Island, Lagos. 

Akinsowon is a passionate griller and aspiring world champion, with a background in accounting and a deep love for the culinary arts. His journey from an arts student to a record-breaking hopeful is a story of perseverance and unwavering belief in the power of dreams.

With a burning passion and an unyielding spirit, Faderera, an accountant-turned-restaurant staff, is set to embark on a remarkable journey to break the Guinness World Record for the longest barbecue marathon. 

Drawing from his diverse background and motivated by a deep-seated belief in achieving the extraordinary, he aims to grill for over 82 hours, surpassing the current record of 80 hours.

Inspiration and Motivation

When asked about the inspiration behind this ambitious attempt, he shared, "Motivation is an inner drive that pushes you beyond expectations. I've always believed that nothing is impossible. Though I was an arts student in secondary school and later studied accounting in higher education, I found my true calling in the restaurant business. Learning to grill from my grandfather in Ondo town ignited my passion for barbecue."

Preparation and Planning

His journey towards this record-breaking attempt began two years ago. "From childhood, I envisioned myself as a world champion. Working in a restaurant solidified my dream of achieving greatness through grilling," he explained. 

To ensure his success, he enlisted the help of an expert trainer last year, who dedicated a month to honing his grilling skills.

However, the path has not been without challenges. "Financial constraints and a demanding work ethic have been significant hurdles," he admitted. "But my determination to succeed keeps me going."

Details of the Attempt

According to him, to break the record, I must grill for over 81 hours in a public area, adhering to specific guidelines set by Guinness World Records. "I plan to grill for more than 82 hours, using only charcoal as modern grilling machines are not permitted. The event will be open to the public, and I'll have a medical certificate to ensure the quality and safety of the food."

Logistics and Support

Managing rest breaks and staying active throughout the attempt will be crucial. "Guinness allows only rest breaks, not sleeping time. I aim to remain active for the full four days," he stated. 

The Lagos State government is providing emergency services to ensure safety, and all foods prepared will undergo government approval to maintain high standards.

Personal Experience and Impact

Staying motivated during such a demanding task requires strong personal support. "My mother has always motivated me. Her encouragement keeps me focused, and I want to make her proud," he shared. Professionally, he hopes to establish a global presence in the grilling business and inspire others through his journey.

Community Response and Future Plans

Despite the lack of widespread support, he remains hopeful. "It's challenging to get support, but I'm determined. If successful, I plan to build a grilling empire alongside my comedy ministry," he revealed. 

He also intends to share his experience and techniques with others, drawing on his teaching background from his institution days.

Celebration and Advice

When asked about celebrating the record-breaking achievement, he smiled and said, "Let the day come first, and you'll see." His advice to aspiring record-breakers is simple yet profound: "Never lose hope. Start planning and believe in your dreams. Even when the odds are against you, your belief will make it happen."

"My determination to break the Guinness World Records for the longest barbecue marathon will be a testament to my dedication, resilience and unshakable belief in my dreams. The event promises to be an inspiring showcase of skill, determination and community spirit, featuring free barbeque, free drinks, games, music and entertainment, give away and lots more. 

"I solicit for public support, private and public company support, federal and state government support as I will be embarking on the journey starting from 1am on Saturday 15th of June till I break the record. We are inviting everybody to come and experience greatness at the venue, Beside Eric Kayser Restaurant, Bishop Aboyade Cole Str., Bendel Close Victoria Island, Lagos".
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