FIFA denies reports of Blue Card introduction in elite football

FIFA has refuted recent claims about the immediate introduction of blue cards in elite football competitions, labeling the reports as "incorrect and premature." 

The organization released a statement in response to the speculation, clarifying that there are no plans to implement blue cards in major tournaments. 

This comes after widespread discussions and anticipation surrounding the potential use of blue cards at the highest levels of the sport. 

FIFA's denial puts an end to the rumors and reaffirms that the introduction of blue cards in elite football is not on the immediate agenda

Reports emerged on Friday, February 9, 2024, that the International Football Association Board (Ifab) had signed off on the trials, with an official announcement due on Friday (today).

It would be the first time since the introduction of the classic yellow and red cards at the 1970 World Cup that a new card would be used in football.

However, following an immediate backlash to the plans, FIFA has now released a statement clarifying their intentions.

The world’s football governing body played down the likelihood of seeing them introduced in elite football any time soon.

“FIFA wishes to clarify that reports of the so-called ‘blue card’ at elite levels of football are incorrect and premature,” the statement partly read.

“Any such trials, if implemented, should be limited to testing in a responsible manner at lower levels, a position that FIFA intends to reiterate when this agenda item is discussed at the IFAB AGM on 2 March.”

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