SEC D-G to discuss Nigeria's green economy and infrastructure transformation at Oriental News Nigeria Summit

Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dr. Emomotimi Agama

The Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Dr. Emomotimi Agama, will lead discussions on key policies and options for Nigeria's economic growth at the 3rd National Conference organized by Oriental News Nigeria. 

The summit, themed "Green Economy, Sustainable Growth and Infrastructure Transformation," will take place on July 25th, 2024, at Radisson Blu, Ikeja GRA, Lagos.

The conference aims to bring together key policymakers, government and non-governmental organizations, and industry experts in Nigeria's financial sector to explore the country's green economy initiative. 

The event will focus on various options available for Nigeria to sustain economic development and growth, aligning with global efforts towards promoting green economy and infrastructure transformation.

Sub-themes of the conference include, Green Finance, marketing, and supply chain, Strategies and Policies for a green economy, Renewable energy and Ecosystem for a green economy and Digital economy entrepreneurship.

Agama, who has confirmed his attendance, expressed the belief that opportunities in terms of green economy are linked to the enormous possibilities for sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, ecotourism, and coastal development. 

Also, other stakeholders have highlighted that Nigeria's commitment to harnessing its natural resource potential could make the country a pioneer in promoting green economy development, hence the choice of the theme of the conference.

The conference is segmented into two main broad areas, with the opening programme to address the key thematic topic through the guest speakers intervention and chairman’s remarks with comments from participants which centers around the conference theme.

The second segment is round-table discussion through wider engagement by select professionals to discuss the main theme and sub-themes of the conference.

In recent years, economies all around the world have been experiencing a protracted slowdown driven by structural, global, and cyclical factors. Economic strategies that have been implemented to tackle recession and achieve rapid economic development have endangered sustainable growth by contributing to environmental degradation, global warming, and other negative repercussions. 

Changing the paradigm to a green economy will boost natural capital stocks, safeguard the environment, and ensure social justice by providing practical tools and approaches to achieve sustainable growth while reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. A transition to a green economy, however, faces challenges such as a lack of an appropriate policy framework, inadequate capital expenditure, varying levels of development, and resource endowments. 

Therefore, for green sustainable development, newer business models, strategic changes and innovation in the use of resources, responsible and cleaner business practices, and green technologies are needed.

The conference will draw together and engage researchers, eminent practitioners, and policymakers from across the country who will form part of the plenary (Round-Table) session that will deliberate on the latest findings on practices and policies for a green economy and sustainable growth through strategic change and identify priorities for action by stakeholders to pursue the most promising policies and practices. 

The conference will also serve as a venue where academic peers may exchange information, share experiences, collaborate, and develop management answers to pressing business issues.
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